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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble Logging in.

Check your email and password is entered correctly. If unsure, check the email we sent you when you first registered. If this fails select the forgot password link and enter your email address – then follow the instructions in the email. Remember to check your spam or junk folders if you can’t locate the email.

Why can / can’t I see other users teams before a tournament starts?

For the Masters we will not hide teams before the tournament starts. For all other majors we will hide user teams until the tournament starts.

My golfer has withdrawn and I need to change my team.

If the tournament hasn’t started you can change your team as often as you like. Once a tournament has started there is no way to change a team. NO WAY. We suggest you follow us on twitter where we endeavour to tweet any last minute withdrawals, however team selection is your responsibility only.

I can't find my golfer in the players list?

Sometimes due to late withdrawals / qualifications a golfer may be omitted in error.  If a golfer has qualified and we have omitted to include him just let us know and we will add them immediately.    

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