Fantasy Golf for the 4 Majors

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Welcome to 4Majors Fantasy Golf is the most popular fantasy golf website dedicated exclusively to golf’s 4 Major Championships –The Masters, The Open, The US Open and The USPGA Golf Championship.

It's Free to play so sign up now and challenge your friends to see who really knows what they are talking about!

Playing 4Majors Fantasy Golf

  • Sign-up for 4majors fantasy golf
  • Select your 5 golfers for the next Major and nominate your Main Man
  • After each major your team is awarded points based on your golfer’s results.
  • Main Man is awarded a bonus of 20% of earned points.
  • Change your team as often as you like before the start of each Major.
  • Each golfer can only be selected 2 times over the 4Majors. 

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